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Individual & Corporate Travel & Expatriation


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Jouffroy Finance is a stakeholder in the field of insurance, real estate and wealth management.

Around his manager, Eric Boran, broker since 1991, our company offers its expertise and assistance in the framework of social protection of the self employed workers.

More widely, Jouffroy Finance assists the managers of small and medium-sized companies in the rationalization of their insurance contracts and in their global wealth approach.

We facilitate the linking of financial institutions and wealthiest families. This allows to optimize the intergenerational transmission of personal heritage and professional assets.

Specializing in capitalization, Jouffroy Finance advises you in the management of long-term savings, life insurance and retirement planning. In addition, we distribute a wide range of products for health, foresight, travel and expatriation.

We also cover occupational risks, even the rarest ones. Our off-the-beaten-track offerings provide tailor-made solutions through Lloyd’s of London.

On the other hand, we support any estimate and real estate transaction to achieve a quick realization and market price.

Finally, we market eligible new Pinel Law properties that are fully packaged and easily financed without any initial contribution.

And ultimately, to make your project a reality, we make every effort to find the best financing for your situation.

On another side, we can offer professional training on demand through our approved training center.

To conclude, our experienced and multidisciplinary advisers will know how to organize you a true patrimonial dynamic strategy corresponding to your expectations, according to your objectives and your budget.

Eric Boran

Eric Boran

Eric BORAN, Founder

Jouffroy Finance is a member of the ANACOFI, the National Association of Financial Advisors.