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Why do we need to protect your micro-business?

You have great interest in purchasing self-employed workers insurances to protect yourself and secure your business.

  • We first offer you a professional RC in case of a litigation with a customer.
  • Then a health insurance in the event of an accident or illness.
  • And finally a professional pension in case of a work stoppage or a disability.

Civil Liability insurance for self-employed workers in case of litigation with a customer

You have created your business as a self-employed worker and you deploy your talents to the service of your customers on a daily basis:

  • Trade, crafts
  • Purchase/Resale of Equipment
  • Consulting professions, Coaching
  • Education, training, education
  • Computer and Internet Trades
  • Services to the individual, business
  • Transportation of people, goods

You work at home, in a market or in a customer, you can make a mistake, damage an object or cause an accident. This can have significant financial consequences for you and take responsibility for your customers.

With more than 950 activities covered, we put in place for you a real safety net that reassures your customers, protects you and accompanies you throughout your self-employed worker activity.

Health insurance for self-employed workers in the event of an accident or illness

A complementary health objective is to take care in whole or in part the amount of your health expenditure not reimbursed by your compulsory social security scheme, which allows you to better deal with the planned and unforeseen health costs such as ..

  • Hospital or private clinic costs
  • Medical consultation fees: general Practitioners and specialists
  • Fees for paramedics: nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, etc.
  • The costs of pharmacy taken care at 15%, 30% or 65% by the SS.
  • Medical Analysis Laboratory costs
  • X-ray fees, ultrasound scan, MRI
  • Optical costs: eyeglasses and lenses reimbursed or not by the SS.
  • Dental costs: Care, inlays, implants, orthodontics
  • Prosthetic costs: Dental, hearing or capillary
  • Other medical expenses not reimbursed by the SS

Professional Foresight for self-employed workers in the even of work stoppage

If I am a self-employed worker, am I entitled to Daily Allowances in case of work stoppage?
Yes indeed, but the amount varies according to your income, between 0 € and 53,74 € per day only.

Hence the need to take out professional pension insurance to ensure the maintenance of your income, in case of work stoppage, disability or hospitalization. It is finally the third micro-business insurance to subscribe.

In these circumstances, I may receive replacement income or capital according to the guarantees subscribed:

  • Daily benefits in the event of a work stoppage following an accident, illness or hospitalization
  • Monthly pension until retirement age in case of temporary or permanent disability or an education pension for children
  • Death benefit

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