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Set the right price … to sell better and faster

How to estimate the price of your property?

To quickly sell your apartment, you need to know its true market value. Without the knowledge of a real estate expert, difficult to set the right price in a market that is constantly changing. The price of real estate in Paris is a micro-district and therefore requires knowledge of the field.

Criteria to consider

Several objective criteria allow us to evaluate the value of your apartment.

The address of the apartment

It is a determining factor for the price. Close to transport and schools, quiet, shops … An apartment “well located”, according to the term, is obviously much easier to sell.

The characteristics of the property

Certain characteristics allow an objective evaluation: the surface area (the famous Carrez law), the equipment (parking, elevator …), the situation (high floor, ground floor, on street …) and the orientation (view or vis- opposite, sunshine)

The presence of an outdoor area

A balcony, a terrace, a raised garden or a courtyard give value to a property in Paris in particular. The evaluation of the work makes it possible to know the margin of maneuver on the price to be fixed.

The state of the building

This is the first thing buyers perceive when visiting a property. Good standing, presence of a concierge, date of construction of the building, poor condition of the facades or common areas … directly impact the price.

The charges

High condominium fees are not always a brake, but must be clearly justified.


The results of technical diagnoses (asbestos, energy performance …) can impact the price of an apartment.

Evaluate the real estate market

The databases of notaries and real estate indices make it possible to know the price of real estate in Paris or the geographical area sought.

But beyond criteria, indicators and indices, it is our experience of the market that makes it possible to appreciate at the right price a property.

Present every day on the ground, we have a fine knowledge of the real estate landscape of Paris which we make benefit the salesmen that we accompany.

The evaluation criteria, the same objectives, are often specific to each sale. Thus, an acquirer can search for a ground floor while another prefers a high floor. Some buyers are looking for a property to renovate when others appreciate just having to empty their boxes. The sale is the meeting between an offer and an expectation.



“Estimate at the highest without exceeding the market price”

“Many sellers prefer to set a very high price to anticipate a possible negotiation. They hope to sell it at this price or get an attractive offer at the market price.

It is a mistake. My experience led me to see it. In 90% of the cases, by setting a price too high for their good, the sellers yield for cheaper than if they had put the good price at the beginning.

The sale of an apartment is done in a mathematical way. The more the price is in the market, the more calls, visits, offers … the more likely the sale will be at the asking price.

The higher the price and the higher the market, the fewer visits and therefore offers. The selling time is getting longer. The sale is sometimes on a disappointing offer, in desperation!

Remember that the more property is visible for a long time on websites specializing in real estate, the less people call, thinking that there is a problem, that the property is not worth it. ”

“In short, the faster the good sells, the more expensive it is”