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Go through a real estate agency to sell quickly and well

How to choose your real estate agent?

Selling in the best conditions your property in Paris involves significant energy. It is essential to find a real estate agent who ensures you a personalized and professional contact for a serene, secure and therefore successful sale.

Call a real estate agent.

For seriousness and professionalism. Our profession is regulated. Our professional card, issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is a guarantee of our seriousness and our level of training.

Estimate the property at the market price or check the financial capacity of the buyer require expertise and experience.

To secure your sale. A buyer is never hired until he has signed the bill of sale. It can retract between the offer and the promise of sale, and within 10 days after the signing of the promise to sell. Most of the time, especially in periods of very low rates, the bill of sale is subject to obtaining his credit. Our role is to validate each step to ensure that your sale is likely to come true.

We accompany you, with the same objective as yours: sell your apartment in the best conditions and satisfy sellers and buyers.

Communicate to sell your apartment.

The work of the agency is to ensure the marketing of your property.

We start by working the enhancement of your property with photos worked and quality.

However, each case is unique and requires special communication. The same method does not apply for each apartment. We can work:

  • with our foreign correspondents,
  • on our client file,
  • communication on the most relevant ad sites,
  • ask signs,
  • make mailings.

Which mandate to choose?

By choosing to go through an agency, you will be faced with a choice: simple or exclusive mandate. A simple mandate allows you to put your site in several agencies while by signing an exclusive mandate, you entrust the sale of your apartment to a single real estate agent.


“When they do not have exclusivity, real estate agencies invest less on a property and are therefore less motivated. “

“Under a non-exclusive mandate, you risk being treated less well. Agents communicate less and invest less on a property in mandate without exclusivity, especially when the property is complicated.

You should know that a real estate agency with a simple mandate has a probability of 1 in 10 to sell. The risk is that it takes the first candidate to buy, to be the first to sell, without checking the financing criteria of the purchaser.

We do not sell chopsticks! We must not burn the steps. With a simple mandate, no one is serene, neither the seller nor the buyer nor the agency! That’s why you have to choose a real estate agency. “

To accompany you in the sale of your property

Each property is unique. Behind each seller there is one person. She may be stressed by this approach, because she bought before selling, because there is a complex situation behind, such as a divorce or an estate. We are also here to appease and simplify the sale of your apartment.


“Inform and explain each step”

“The accompaniment is essential. Good coaching means informing and explaining each step in complete transparency. We must always talk about what is happening, it is essential in case of problem.

We report. In the case of an indivision, even if there is often a main interlocutor, we always keep all the people concerned informed. “


“Our apartment in Paris has been in several agencies for more than three months. Living in London, I could not follow this sale. I finally entrusted my apartment to Vincent. He knew how to highlight my apartment and everything managed from A to Z, from the signing of the mandate to that of the sale. Everything was done by telephone and by proxy “A